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Things are not always as they seem….

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Realtors have great stories!  One of my favorites is about a Realtor who received a call from someone who sounded like a young child wanting help in selling her home.  This agent said there was so much sincerity in her voice that she didn’t dismiss the notion that it was a prank call and actually set up an appointment.

When the agent arrived at the home, she quickly understood the situation.  Both of this 9-year-old girl’s parents were deaf and she was the ears and voice of the family.  As the agent explained the paperwork and later the contracts, the girl would listen intently and then with patience beyond her years, would translate what was said to her parents in sign language.  When the 3rd grader didn’t think they were paying close enough attention, she would put a frown on her face, slap the top of her hand, and get them back on track.

Stories like this remind me that appearances aren’t always reality.  In real estate, like life, a home for sale may not always be as it seems.  Underneath a worn carpet may be beautiful old hardwood floors.  A small room may have potential to be a big room by moving a wall, or taking out a closet.  I am constantly amazed by buyers who won’t look at a home because of the interior paint color.  The easiest and least expensive way to change the appearance of a home is with paint!  A $35 can of your favorite color can sometimes be the difference between a so-so home and a house of dreams.  Light fixtures, flooring, and countertops are also easy and fairly inexpensive ways to update a home.  We love HGTV because it is filled with shows that transform homes that are “rough around the edges” into “showplaces.” There’s a reason why Home Depot and Lowes…affectionately known as the “toy stores” at my house… are so popular.

Of course, properties that need the most work, such as foreclosures, are almost always the best deals on the market, but they are also the most expensive to update.  Many times these homes need major overhauls.  But….if the purchase price is low enough to offset the cost of improvements, many buyers find themselves moving into homes that have gone up considerably in value… also known as equity.    If you don’t mind the work, properties in bad condition can be a great investment.

If you’re ready to purchase, but certain things about a house aren’t perfect, picture what YOU think it could look like.  Then have fun making it your own!  The greatest asset when shopping for a new home is an open mind… because remember… things are not always as they seem.

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Gwen, named one of D Magazine's Best Realtors, is a 33 year resident of the Eagle Mountain Lake area. She and her husband Todd have raised three children on the lake and in the Azle Independent School District. She knows first hand that this area is an ideal place for a growing family and working parents. As an original member of the Azle Arts Association Popcorn Players (, past chair of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Azle Development Council, and a member of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Board of Trustees, Gwen knows the importance of involvement in the community. She has served on many other various civic and charitable organizations and has grown strong roots in this community. She believes once you experience the area, you’ll want to put down roots too.

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