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“When is the best time to sell?”

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I get this question all the time.  And believe it or not, there are periods during the year that are busier than others for real estate sales.  I like to use holidays when explaining the optimum time for putting your house on the market.

The best…  Valentines Day through July 4th. Bar none, this is “Prime Time.”  I don’t know if it’s the Spring when everything feels fresh and new that stirs the “lets make a new start” feeling in people.  That’s my romantic version.  Then there’s the unromantic truth that many companies, during the first of the year, are looking at ways to enhance their business.  That means employee transfers.  Different cities.  Different states.   All of a sudden people are googling moving companies.  The question I’m most asked by Buyers is, “Why are the Sellers moving?”   Sometimes it’s a transfer.  Sometimes, it’s downsizing.  Sometimes it’s upsizing.  But whatever the motivator, change is the reason someone sells their home, and springtime is the BEST!

The housing market “typically” slows down from July 4th through Labor Day, because people don’t like to be outside looking for homes when it’s 100 degrees outside.  However, the last couple of years I’ve found this NOT to be the case.  We are in a booming housing market, and the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is one of the fastest growing in the nation.  Numbers indicate as many at 700 people A DAY move to the Metroplex.  Also, families are trying to find new homes before the school year starts.  So if you’re thinking of listing your home in July; do it!  If the market slows down, I feel the summer will once again return to its lazy real estate pace, but until then; enjoy!

The second busiest time is Labor Day through Thanksgiving.   I’m just going off what I have experienced in my 9 years in real estate, but I would say most everyone with school-age children has settled somewhere before Labor Day.   It’s the Baby Boomers, many of whom are looking at retirement, that seem to be looking for change in the Fall.  Depending on how long a home has been on the market, “deals” can be found during this season.  Not always; but sometimes.  (Just a side note that “deals” are almost non-existant in this booming market.  More on that in another blog).

The WORST time of year to sell your home is Thanksgiving through Valentines Day.  Hardly anyone puts their home on the market at Christmas unless they have to.  The same is true for the other side.  Hardly anyone buys a house during Christmas unless they have to.  But when the boss says, “You’re moving,” it becomes necessary to leave the Christmas decorations boxed up until next year.  I have friends who have been surprised on Christmas morning with a new car.  I have yet to hear of anyone being surprised by a new house… but I’m hopeful!

That brings us back to Valentines Day and the never-ending cycle of real estate.   If you’re looking for a company to list your house this Spring, or you want to find out what’s for sale, please give Eagle Mountain Realty a call.  We are a small boutique agency that specializes in personal service.  It would be our honor to work FOR you.

— Gwen Gibbons, Broker, Eagle Mountain Realty.



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Gwen, named one of D Magazine's Best Realtors, is a 33 year resident of the Eagle Mountain Lake area. She and her husband Todd have raised three children on the lake and in the Azle Independent School District. She knows first hand that this area is an ideal place for a growing family and working parents. As an original member of the Azle Arts Association Popcorn Players (, past chair of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Azle Development Council, and a member of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Board of Trustees, Gwen knows the importance of involvement in the community. She has served on many other various civic and charitable organizations and has grown strong roots in this community. She believes once you experience the area, you’ll want to put down roots too.

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